iSeries Jobs from an iSeries developer living in Florida that walks the walk and talks the talk. Maybe it’s the bad pizza talking (Jerry McGuire), but I believe you and I are going places. I only look for win-win scenarios, and surfing is more important to me than money.

#1 — For now, we’re going to focus just on iSeries Jobs, Developer, System Administrator, Computer Operator, JDE, SALESFORCE and the like.

#2 — We’re going to charge $1 to post jobs (free to apply to them). Why only $1? Because $1 is usually the difference between real people and junk. Spammers and scammers, even if they were willing to spend $1 and even if they had fake payment accounts to make payment, it’s a huge hassle and wall for them that will cut down on 99.9% of useless garbage.